Industrial Engineering Supplies

Our innovation thoughts paid off when we Pro - "ACTIVE " Ly started a complete in house engineering supplies company in 1995.

The industrial supplies division has also developed a sound customer base and supplies from stock :

Cleaning and Polishing cloths, cotton waste and mutton cloths

Brooms and Brush ware, Paper Products, Industrial Detergents, Hand Cleaners and Packaging Materials.

Protective clothing, High Visibility Clothing and Rainwear

Dust Coats, Boiler suits, Conti-suits, Acid Resistant, Ladies Overalls, Reflective Vest as well as Rainwear, all available in different colours and styles.

Frams Protective Footwear

Shoes, Boots and Gumboots. Comprehensive range of safety and Sports Shoes for Ladies and Gents.


Safety Gloves

Available in Chrome Leather, Rubber, PVC, Latex and Cotton.

Safety Equipment

Safety hard hats, Face Shields, Welding Helmets, Ear Muffs, Welding & Grinding Goggles, Kidney Belts, Safety Belts, Respirators Cartridges, Dust Masks, Safety Spectacles, Ear Plugs, Head, Eyes, Ear & Face Protection.

safety equipment1