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Zinc Ingot Compression Station

Zinc Ingot Compression Station This machine was completely designed with detailed drawings, manufactured, cold commissioned at our Wadeville Work, installed and hot commissioned in Namibia.
Active once again embedded its mark in diversity by resolving a comopression problem at Skorpion Zinc mine in Namibia with the completion of the above project.

The complete package of design, detailing, steel structure manufacturing, hydraulics engineering, electrical and electronics, installation and commissioning completes yet another diversified project successfully.
The compression station was designed around an existing conveyer line in the cast house and had to be integrated with their fully automated system.
This machine, which is fully automated, compresses Zinc Ingot bundles into an orderly manner before it moves to the weighing station and automated strapping line.
The after thought of a compression station, amongst many other capabilities, is that it is intended to eliminate the movement of the Ingots in the bundles after strapping and damage during transport to final ports or other destination.
Active is currently marketing this patented design as a product to other industries, which might have similar requirements.

Project Participation

Majuba Power Station Coal Separators

Heat Exchangers / HP Heaters

Holding Bran and Flour Bins

Two Bins for New Rice Mill

L.P Heater

Stainless Steel Damper Blade

Boschmanskrans Chutes and Grizzly

Chute sections for Combined Treatment Plant - Kimberley

Boschmanskrans Chutes

Substation Steelwork

Completed Steelwork in erection phase on new substation

Galvanised steelwork for substation ready for despatch

Trial assembly prior to HD galvanising

Lighting/Lightning mast in production for substation

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